Home Valley

Mini Central Valley

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This exhibit will help kids to develop an appreciation for and understanding of Central Valley.  Kids will learn about what is grown and produced in the Valley, what landforms, climate, flora, and fauna define the region, and what are the major questions that our community has to address as its population grows.

Health Center Exterior
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Health Center


Kids will be able to explore a variety of healthcare-related professions, learn about healthy eating and lifestyle habits, and discover interesting facts about how biological organisms work.


Train Station

An exhibit where kids get to not only play with trains but also learn about infrastructure and transportation.

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Firehouse Gear

Fire Station

Kids will get to play a firefighter for the day, understand what it takes to keep our structures, forests, and communities safe from fire, and learn about fire safety.


Innovation Island

Digital Frontier

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A series of exhibits for all things digital. Kids will learn about coding and create their own websites, games, movies, and smart devices. Our visitors will be able to share ideas and collaborate as innovators of tomorrow.


Tinker Town

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A place for the tinkerer in all of us. Build bridges, design mechanical machines, make things that fly, and learn the laws of physics in the process.


Illusion Realm

Virtual and Augmented Reality can instantly transport us to places we’ve never been. With our innovative exhibits, visitors can explore everything from the geology of the Central Valley to the depths of the ocean, to outer space.


Creativity City


Art Studio


A place for aspiring artists of all ages. Materials will be provided for kids to create whatever they can imagine.


Construction Zone

A place for visitors to explore their creativity in building things out of different materials. Activities are open-ended, encouraging kids to be creative.


Little Explorers Planet


Little Explorers Lounge

A place where our youngest visitors (ages 0-3) can freely explore their creativity and curiosity. All activities are open-ended and designed for children who are not yet ready for more organized activities.


Supply Base and Explorers Canteen

Our young visitors (ages 2-5) will be able to go shopping to the supply base (general store) for healthy food options and then use the ingredients purchased to create pretend meals for their friends and family at the Explorers Canteen.

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Training Camp


A climbing/crawling/sliding structure that will enable children ages 2-5 to improve their gross motor skills and to promote physical education.